Monday, December 14, 2009

Techno Tuesday

Today I was so groggy. I'm not really sure why, but I was just one big ball of drool today. Pleasant. So I've been listening to some hella upbeat electro/techno choooons


Tuesday Playlist:

The Prodigy-- Invaders must Die [Yuksek remix]
Machines Don't Care-- Afro Jacker
Boys Noize-- Shine Shine [Shadow Dancer unreleased mix] oh man, this combines the best of both worlds. BOYS NOIZE AND SHADOW DANCER. How delizzzioussss
Surkin vs. Grum-- Next of Mexico [Cryptonites Edit]
Hostage-- Valhalla
BURNS-- Turbo [JOTS remix]
diggin that dubbbbb. BLAUUU reminds me of caspa. nomnom, caspa is orgasmic.

and sorry, just couldn't help myself : ]
Bloody Beetroots-- Warp 1977 Can you say, earsex? I can.

and also, just an observation, but did anyone else pick up the fact that Warp 1977 combines both Warp 1.9 AND Warp make Warp 1977? Was that done purposely or am i just weird?

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