Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Earful of Mellow

I'm feeeling like quite the mellow yellow right now. I will openly admit I'm a bitch & whiner. I'm sitting here at 11:57 PM on the first day of christmas break while my friends are out getting obliterated. Bwahhh. I am currently binging on some random gift basket shit. I don't even really know where this mysterious basket came from, but when I got home not too long ago I saw a massive, tacky-ass, white thing right in the middle of our kitchen table. It had tons of gross christmas-y edibles oozing out of it so i grabbed a santa-shaped chocolate. That's right santa, I will eat you. Give me coal-- see if i care bish!! Actually I'm having quite a jollly good time eating his head off...

chocolate + Chad van Gaalen -- Willow Tree + No Age-- Losing Feeling + Oneida-- I will Haunt You

nomz. goodluck to all with exams/PARTY IT UP FOR THOSE WHO DONT. [dont folllow my example]

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