Monday, December 14, 2009

An Earful Of Indie.

Ahh today has been a manic monday. [tehee alliteration]

i had my APUSH exam and Physics exam back to back. fan fucking tastic. But it was aite, at least that shits OVERRR. I treated myself to some frozen yogurt after school and silently huzzah-ed. The hardest part of my week is already over and now i can CHILL DOWN.

SO, i am in dire need of some new headphones. These WESC ones are on my x-mas wishlist....but i saw this and i almost cried.

seriously UO?! FUCK YOU. Go get more headphones...good for nothing...

Anyways on to Indie's what i've been listening to today:

The Hold Steady- Hot Soft Light
The Unicorns-- I was Born [a Unicorn]
The Spinto Band-- Mr Blue Sky [ELO cover]
Department of Eagles-- No One Does it Like You

This last song is amazing. I saw the Heartless Bastards in Austin this past summer when they opened for Jenny Lewis. No offense to Jenny, I mean, she was good, but fuck, Erika Wennerstrom's voice is...mind-blowing. It's husky not whiny, and goes down as smooth as a scotch on the rocks. Scotchy scotch scotch. Down Erika goes, down into my belly...

the arsonist has oddly shaped feet.
Heartless Bastards-- The Mountain

heartless bastards. what studs.

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