Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Earful of 2009

2010 is upon is, and it seemed fitting to pay a little tribute to 2009's top 10 sickest albums [in my opinion of course, you're entitled to your own] starting with numero diez.

Humbug-- Arctic Monkeys
They say nothing good lasts. This seemed true for long-time love of mine Arctic Monkeys. Their album was still good of course, but after two consecutive amazingggg albums, this was sort of a let-down. ALEX TURNER I STILL LOVE YOU!

Hands-- Little Boots
Cutie patootie olivia hesketh basically had me singin "I'm gonna take you out tonight! I'm gonna make you feel alright!" every fucking second of the day. Catchy shit, stuck on repeat.

Them Crooked Vultures-- Them Crooked Vultures
Fucking badass for a group of old men. Love dave grohl especially.

Manners-- Passion Pit
Nothing like MGMT despite the plethora of comparisons. Manners was refreshing and i really dig that new synth-pop-indie type sound. The shrill voice in sleepyhead will never be forgotten.

Walking on a Dream-- Empire of the Sun
Shit, i actually think this might have been released in 2008...but oh well. Amazing. Hit it off hard for their first album. Every track was diverse and better than the last. Hella memorable.

The Xx-- The Xx
The soft-spoken Xx crooned me to bed every night with their soft, minimalist tunes. Living proof that less is more.

Guns Don't Kill People Lazers Do-- Major Lazer
Dude, it's Diplo & Switch, I didn't expect anything less. More than mad decent dude. Mad fuckin sick. Pon de floor= most played track of 2009 for sure. Way to kick trance's ass.

I Love You-- Amanda Blank
Oh hay homegurllll, you are a real cat. Blank's got a dirty mouth and probably an even dirtier mind. She takes it a notch further-- Blank raps about what everyone's thinking but too embarrassed to outright admit--
S-E-X. Amanda Blank, I love you. "Youda hottest muthafucka on the whole damn block."

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix-- Phoenix
After 3 albums that didn't fare too well, Phoenix's latest album was a huge success. Phoenix's album had the musical technicality of intellectuals but also the creativity of artists. Combined was an album that virtually lacked nothing and left me a Lizstomaniac through and through.

Veckitamest-- Grizzly Bear
Sick sick sick sick sickest shit.

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