Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Earful of Reviews

Here are my latest feelings towards the most recent crop of the music industry...

3. One Life Stand-- Hot Chip

This album was a huge disappointment after the infectiousness of "Ready for the Floor." Their tunes are more mellowed and less frenzied, more commercialized than original. There's nothing sadder than seeing good bands get lost in fame. This album was a huge letdown for me. "One Life Stand" doesn't even sound like the title of a Hot Chip song. It sounds more like a cheesy soap opera.

2. Transference-- Spoon

This album was solid. The thing I like about Spoon is that they are very consistent with their music. Their style never strays. Still the same ol' gritty rock sound I fell in love with.

1. Of the Blue Colour of the Sky-- Ok Go

I am in love with this album. It's a little less pop-ish and a little more modern-indie than the stuff they've done in the past and I like that. You can tell that more thought was put into this album, whereas their stuff before was less polished. Their riffs are tight, the melodies even tighter, and some of the harmonies are hella complex. "Needing/Getting" specifically struck me. It's such a solid indie rock anthem.

This is so so so sick.

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  1. must check out the new ok go stuff... i was a huge fan when i was in high school.