Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Earful of Mash

These past few days have been a mish-mash of different genres of music. On Saturday da club was filled with...

Where's my Money [caspa remix]--TC
Drop Down--Designer Drugs
Blau--Laidback Luke

Today, however, was a completely different experience. The legendary YEAH YEAH YEAHS WERE LIVE IN SINGAPORE. My friend and I managed to nab a pair of tix, but the seats were shit. We somehow managed to sneak through security quite badass-ily and got from our shitty-nosebleed-section-seats down to the main floor right next to the stage. We were MERE METERS AWAY FROM THE GODDESS HERSELF. While playing the finale, which was Maps acoustic, there was a second of silence while she paused for a climactic effect and I screamed out, THEY DONT LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU! And some other guy was like, YEAH THEY DONT! It was epic. She holla-ed at us!! That sweetheart Karen-O. It basically made my life. Regardless of seat though, her voice is even BETTER live, which really surprised me. Not to mention she wrecks crazy shit on stage with her ridiculously hot moves and hotter costumes. She kept spitting water like it was fiyahhhh. Karen O= SICK.
For the finale, she dropped Maps acoustic which almost made me cry. It was beautiful to say the least. I've never felt that much emotion in a concert before...legit life changing as cheesy as it may sound.

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